Remembering of previous lives, the true story of Manika, the girl who lived twice

A true story : a ten years old girl who lived in South of India remembered her previous life when she was in Nepal.

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14 Responses to Remembering of previous lives, the true story of Manika, the girl who lived twice

  1. Gopakumar says:

    The move on Manika was touching, but it did give me a few answers. Thanks for posting

  2. Ronald says:

    I am looking for a full version of the movie “Manika, The Girl Who Lived Twice”. Could you please help me finding it? I am ready to pay a adequate price for it. Thank you very much.

  3. Shan Moodley says:

    I see this movie in 3 parts in

    Is there 1 continous movie on Manika

  4. Vinay Singh says:


    Please accept many thanks from the core of my hear for sharing knowledge and some truth and the real India and so on…..

    Thanks & regards,

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  6. Marites says:

    If Manika is still here today what become of her, did she married Ranjit again? How is she now? What happened to father Daniel?

  7. gary says:

    Very moving,had a tear in my eye when she meet her ex husband,nice to see her following her dreams and finding him. whatever is the truth may it bring love and peace to this beautiful world we sure need it

  8. Steven singh says:

    Very thought provoking film .can’t express the emotion when the main character meets the husband and the part played by the priest and when he speaks his conviction

  9. Roberts, David says:

    I bought the DVD from Amazon France ( for much less than $44!), and wrote a review
    under their listing for the book – both in French. Very touched by the film & book, I would
    like to see both more widely known.. It seems to me that the principal actors give the
    performances of their careers – especially Julian Sands, Ayesha Darker, & Stephane
    Audrun brilliant as the ecumenical mother superior in a Himalayan paradise, full
    of wisdom & radiating happiness. If you read & view French, you are in luck!

    David Russell-Roberts

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