Jacques Lusseyran : The attention

Jacques Lusseyran (1924-1971) was a  french author and a blind hero of the French Resistance.. He became totally blind in a school accident at the age of 8.

“At all times, I know of the world only what I deserve to know. The amount of knowledge I have is proportional to my desire to acquire it and my attention…

Attention alone holds sway: it is that which creates the universe.

A completely attentive human being will know the universe completely. Wise men who make serenity a condition for acquiring any knowledge are indeed right, because inner peace puts us in an attentive mood.

Nothing is more dissipating than worry and doubt unless the doubt is methodical, thereby merely consisting of prudence within the mind (…) In the perception of an attentive human, reality is rendered: complete sections peel away with the mere pressure of the hand, or a mere look. However, the hand and the look themselves are then only instruments. It is always within us that knowledge is realized; that is to say, in that place where we are connected to all created things. (…) Inner peace, it is that; and that is also what attention is: it is a state of universal communication, a state of coming together…

Yet, we spend the best part of our lives tearing things apart. We are estranged, in dissent with all things, and above all with ourselves. It is not only a vain revolt but a damaging folly.”

And There Was Light: autobiography of Jacques Lusseyran



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