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Effort to go beyond oneself, the necessity of renonciation

Meditation techniques – Levels of enlightenment and Satori – video

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When one succeeds in staying focused, there is an outcome. But this outcome can only be achieved when I lose my ordinary individuality as I know it usually… Edward Salim Michael gives some important clues for meditation.    

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This is very strange – George Adie


This is very strange. I start to see so many things differently, I find that less and less is certain; and I have to begin to understand this possibility of inner doing without interfering with anything. It is only by … Continue reading

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Meditation : Outer and inner immobility – video

We want to stop something in order to recognize a moment of awakening. But, to stop something, there must be a stillness, both externally as well as internally.    

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Ajahn Mun : My determination to transcend Samsara

“I myself never expected to survive and become a teacher, for my determination to transcend samsara was much stronger than my concern for staying alive. All my efforts in all circumstances were directed toward a goal beyond life. I never … Continue reading

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Edward Salim Michael – Sadhana and Enlightenment

Like an iceberg whose biggest and most important part remains submerged and hidden from sight, the human being’s most essential aspect lies mysteriously veiled beneath the mists of his illusory ordinary self. And, because the desires and clamors of this … Continue reading

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Baghavad-Gita : What is knowledge, what is ignorance


A total absence of worldly pride and arrogance, harmlessness, a candid soul, a tolerant, long-suffering and benignant heart, purity of mind and body, tranquil firmness and steadfastness, self-control and a masterful government of the lower nature and the heart’s worship … Continue reading

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Edward Salim Michael : The development of integrity

The development of integrity and of true being, therefore, is indispensable for the seeker in his spiritual quest. If he gives a promise he must keep it—no matter how hard it may be for him. He must constantly be wary … Continue reading

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Not the unworthy actions of others nor their sins of omission and commission, but his own acts of omission and commission should one regard. « He reviled me, he beat me and conquered and then plundered me », who express … Continue reading

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Yoga: Perfect Union with God Yoga is the path by traversing which the individual soul realizes its real nature of immortality, omnipresence, peace, and bliss. The essential condition for the attainment of this supreme goal is the complete absence of … Continue reading

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Simone Weil : Intimations of Christianity

We must force this insatiable desire within us, which is always oriented towards outward things and has its domain in an imaginary future, to close in on itself and bring its main thrust round to the present. Simone Weil Apart … Continue reading

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