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Understanding of the goal and of the means of a spiritual practice

Why being vegetarian ? Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo – Edward Salim Michael

tenzin palmo - vegetarian

  Because of the tremendous terror, physical pain, and moral agony dumb creatures must inevitably go through when faced with their bewilderingly precipitate and harsh death at the hands of humans—an agony they cannot even give voice to in their … Continue reading

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The Bouddha speaks : Samyutta Nikaya

Sorrow is  suffering brought about by myself alone good Buddha?” asked Kassapa. “No, Kassapa.” “Then by another?” “No, Kassapa.” “Then both together, myself and another?” “No, Kassapa.” “Then is it brought about by chance?” “No, Kassapa.” “Then is there no … Continue reading

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John of the Cross : The annihilation of the memory


The soul that is clouded by the desires is darkened in the understanding and allows neither the sun of natural reason nor that of the supernatural Wisdom of God to shine upon it and illumine it clearly. (…) The annihilation … Continue reading

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Imitation of Christ – Thomas a Kempis –


According to our resolution so is the rate of our progress, and much diligence is needful for him who would make good progress.  For if he who resolveth bravely oftentimes falleth short, how shall it be with him who resolveth … Continue reading

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Ayya Khema : The benefits of Metta meditation


Metta is greatly helped by meditative insights that show us that our separation from one another is an illusion. When we discover that all of us are parts of the same whole, and when we actually feel that in meditation, … Continue reading

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The Tibetan Book of The Dead : Death cometh to all

bardo todol

O nobly-born, thou art departing from this world, but thou art not the only one ; death cometh to all. Do not cling, in fondness and weakness, to this life. Even though thou clingest out of weakness, thou hast not … Continue reading

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When you are walking, know that you are walking

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Walking meditation in the Theravada tradition – The power of attention

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Bede Griffith : The absolute Truth and the absolute love which alone is God


Writing on Easter Day to Sister Pascaline, Bede Griffith remind her that the God they were celebrating drowned the Egyptians in the Red Sea without mercy, massacred their first-born without pity and commanded his people to occupy the land of … Continue reading

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Edward Salim Michael : Is it possible to change the past ?


  In what manner may one change the past?…  How is it possible to avoid committing the same errors again, re-establishing connections with people who constitute an obstacle to what one is trying to attain spiritually, being continually trapped in … Continue reading

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George Adie : The point of doing


If only we could understand that because of our work here, we are on the point of “doing”. One of the first things we are told here, is that we cannot “do”.  And it takes a long, long time before … Continue reading

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