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Empty Cloud : In the pure single-mindedness of my meditation

Empty Cloud  A Chinese Zen Master (1840-1960) Long before the time of his death in 1959 at the venerable age of 120 on Mount Yun-ju, Jiangxi Province, Master Xu-yun’s name was known and revered in every Chinese Buddhist temple and … Continue reading

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Meister Eckhart : Become like a child

Become like a child, become deaf and blind! Your own ‘I’ must be destroyed Every ‘something’ and every ‘nothing’ must be lost! Let go of space, let go of time, get rid of any image! Tread, without a way, The … Continue reading

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Ramana Maharshi : Meditation

Meditation helps concentration of the mind. Then the mind is free from thoughts and is in the meditated form. Meditation is sticking to one thought. That single thought keeps away other thoughts; distraction of mind is a sign of its … Continue reading

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Salim Michael : The Attention and its Importance

A human being’s attention is the most precious treasure he possesses. Its purpose, force, and importance in life may not be very obvious, since through long, habitual, and instinctive use it is generally taken too much for granted. (…) On … Continue reading

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