Swami Ramdas and Mataji Krishnabai : The aim of all religions

Swami Ramdas and Mataji Krishnabai

Surrender to God

The aim of all religions is to point out the path that leads to perfect freedom, peace, and joy. This blessed state can be realized only by the eradication of the ego-sense through surrender to God.
Divine life should flow through us, divine love should dwell in our hearts, and divine light should inspire all our activities. Therefore our heart should be attuned to His love, our intellect be illumined with His wisdom, and our body be worked at His will. This is the goal of human life.

To teach this great truth came Krishna, Buddha, Christ, and Mohammed. They declare in one voice that we can reveal the hidden Divinity in us by resigning ourselves to Him totally and dedicating our life to His service.
Mere intellectual understanding of religious truths is different from actual spiritual experience which is a matter of intimate relationship between the soul and God.
It must be understood that to love and serve God is to love and serve all beings and creatures. To realize God is to be conscious of His presence everywhere. Wherever you turn, there is His light, power, and glory.
Spiritual discipline which a man performs under the inspiration of the Divine can alone purify him and make him aware of the immortal Spirit which is God. All else is, as the saying goes, “sheer vanity and vexation.” Let us live and act as He wills for the universal good. Verily, to love and serve all constitutes true enlightenment, liberation, and peace—this is the loftiest achievement.
Swami Ramdas {TheDivine Life, pp. 370-371)


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