Brother Lawrence : Wandering Thoughts in Prayer

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Eighth Letter: Concerning Wandering Thoughts in Praye

You tell me nothing new; you are not the only one that is troubled with wandering thoughts. Our mind is extremely roving; but, as the will is mistress of all our faculties, she must recall them, and carry them to God as their last end.

When the … Read the rest >

Simone Weil : Intimations of Christianity

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We must force this insatiable desire within us, which is always oriented towards outward things and has its domain in an imaginary future, to close in on itself and bring its main thrust round to the present.

Simone Weil

Apart from its primary goal (which is to succeed in recognizing the Source whence he … Read the rest >

Ayya Khema : Universal consciousness

“In reality there is only one truth and mystics of all ages have always found the same truth. There is universal consciousness and that can be experienced in meditation — the infinity of consciousness. (..)
Universal consciousness is not buddhist, but infinite. The infinity of space is not buddhist, but just infinity. ”

Ayya Read the rest >

Meister Eckhart : Become like a child

Become like a child,
become deaf and blind!
Your own ‘I’
must be destroyed
Every ‘something’ and every ‘nothing’ must be lost!
Let go of space, let go of time,
get rid of any image!
Tread, without a way,
The narrow path:
then you will find the trace in the desert.

Oh my soul,… Read the rest >

Attention is the origin of faith- Nicephorus the Solitary, Prayer consists of attention- Simone weil

Attention is the origin of faith, hope, and love, according to to Nicephorus the Solitary, a fourteeth-century monk of Mt. Athos,

Having banished every thought from this inner talking (for you can do this if you want to). give it the following short prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have Read the rest >

I promise great and eternal things, from Imitation of Christ

The world, which promises small and passing things, is served with great eagerness: I promise great and eternal things and the hearts of men grow dull. Who is there that serves and obeys Me in all things with as great care as that with which the world and its masters are served?

For a … Read the rest >

Brother Lawrence : Practice of the Presence of God

Ninth letter to a nun.

“Let us think often that our only business in this life is to please God, that perhaps all besides is but folly and vanity. You and I have lived above forty years in religion (i.e. a monastic life). Have we employed them in loving and serving God, who by Read the rest >

Teresa of Avila : This little palace of my soul

”I think, if I had understood then, as I do now, how this great King really dwells within this little palace of my soul, I should not have left Him alone so often, but should have stayed with Him and never have allowed His dwelling-place to get so dirty.”

Teresa of AvilaRead the rest >

Brother Lawrence : The Practice of the Presence of God

Convince yourself that God is often nearer to us and more effectually present with us, in sickness than in health.

Rely upon no other physician. He reserves your cure to Himself. Put then all your trust in Him, and you will soon find the effects of it in your recovery, which we often retard … Read the rest >

Meister Eckhart : Temple of God is the Knowing

“ Temple of God is the Knowing. Nowhere else God dwells more truly than in His temple, the Knowing … where never nothing touched Him, because in there He is alone in his stillness. God inside His very knowledge knows Himself in Himself.”

“ All that God created six thousand years ago and even … Read the rest >