Ajahn Sumedho : The Sound of Silence – Nada –

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In the silence of those nights he began to perceive the ever-present inner sound, seemingly beginningless and endless, and he soon found that he was able to discern it throughout the day and in many circumstances, whether quiet or busy. He also realized that he had indeed noticed it once before in his life, … Read the rest >

Tierno Bokar : Write the divine name opposite your bed

“Write the divine name opposite your bed so that in the morning, upon wakening, it is the first thing you see.

On rising, utter it with fervor and conviction, as the first word to leave your mouth and strike your ear.

In the evening on going to bed, once you have stretched out, stare … Read the rest >

NADA YOGA the Inner Sound Ajahn Sumedho Ajahn Amaro Edward Salim Michael

I had discovered this “inner sound” many years before but had never heard or read any reference to this in the Pali Canon. I had developed a meditation practice referring to this background vibration and experienced great benefits in developing mindfulness while letting go of any thoughts. It allowed a perspective of transcendent awareness … Read the rest >