Tierno Bokar : Write the divine name opposite your bed

“Write the divine name opposite your bed so that in the morning, upon wakening, it is the first thing you see.

On rising, utter it with fervor and conviction, as the first word to leave your mouth and strike your ear.

In the evening on going to bed, once you have stretched out, stare at it as the last object you see before falling into slumber.”

Tierno Bokar (1875–1939) experienced calumny and persecution. His disciples were hunted down and imprisoned. And he had to face hostility from his own.

In the last days of his life, he said to the scarce few faithful who had not abandoned him:

“I advise you – and at the same time this is the last prayer I shall deliver individually and collectively to all those who are with me – not to curse or hate those who have attacked me and worked to condemn me. They were but the instruments of a Wisdom and force against which I could not have made a stand without blasphemy. What merit would there be if my life had passed without having made any enemies ?

Tierno Bokar (Théodore Monod – Terre et Ciel, Actes Sud p. 204)

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