Edward Salim Michael: the right time will never come

“A sincere aspirant will not fail to notice to what point he is inhabited by all sorts of futile or harmful inner chatter, as well as by an interminable procession of worthless, negative or even destructive thoughts, aside from all the tricks his mind will think up to divert him from his goal. Hence, he might suggest to himself that this spiritual journey is too difficult and too thankless, or that because of health problems or important work which awaits him, it is not worth undertaking his spiritual practices for the moment and it is preferable to put them off to later, because the right time has not yet come to take up such a venture !

The seeker must realize that the right time will never come; he will always find good excuses for deferring to later the effort he should make in the present instant.”

Edward Salim Michael ”From the depths of the Mist”

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