Edward Salim Michael : The Goal is always located in the present – video


Although, on a spiritual path it is often necessary to speak of a goal to achieve in order to attempt inadequately to explain the inexplicable, a serious seeker must nonetheless remember that, as far as his spiritual practices are concerned, the goal is always located in the present.

In a certain manner, one can say that once he has embarked upon the Path, it cannot mean for him scoring a final goal one day and then everything stops there – as is the case for ordinary things or activities in this world – because that would mean the goal would be an “end” in a sort of eternal death and that there would be nothing afterwards ! In spiritual work, the goal and the present are actually inseparable; for the aspirant, each instant must become the goal, otherwise he runs the risk of giving himself all sorts of excuses; of dreaming of a goal in a far-off future and, in the interim without being aware of it, only carrying out a half-hearted spiritual practice which will lead nowhere.()

The goal repeats itself every time this movement of return to oneself or special introversion occurs in the aspirant, even if it is only for a short instant. It is the level of his being as well as the intensity of this state of presence within him which determines the level of the goal achieved. In a certain manner, there can be no end for the goal, but instead a sort of strange pilgrimage or constantly repeating adventure. If the seeker does not wish to skew his approach to this unusual quest, he will need to remember on a continual basis that the goal is a perpetual renewal, always in the present, and not a special state which he may attain in the future and in which he will settle forever.”

Edward Salim Michael : Spiritual practice and inner awakening chap 8


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