This is very strange – George Adie

This is very strange.

I start to see so many things differently, I find that less and less is certain; and I have to begin to understand this possibility of inner doing without interfering with anything.

It is only by inner work that any real development is possible.   But then, in spite of all we have been offered, the impulse to activate almost seems to have resolved into a deeply passive state. This is a very dangerous state, because it means that the concept of work has become for us. for me, something stupefying, and in that state, one is unable to remember.

It’s like Mr. Micawber just waiting for something to turn up. Waiting for something to turn up; waiting for enlightenment to strike me. Mr. Gurdjieff spoke once about someone who could not be bothered to do anything: he even expected roasted pigeons to fly into his mouth.

So. in the ordinary way. we all expect that.  We forget that we came here just to learn how to “do”.  And this refers to inner doing – that is the “doing” which is available to us. and without which we shall remain passive, becoming ever more and more comatose.

I see. then, that it is quite useless to listen with my mind only.   I must have this higher part of my mind which I have experienced.  I must have that related to my sensation and my feeling – and then, with that balance, be available to whatever is.

George Adie  from “A Friend Remembered in his own Words”

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