Edward Salim Michael : The Attention and its Importance

A human being’s attention is the most precious treasure he possesses. Its purpose, force, and importance in life may not be very obvious, since through long, habitual, and instinctive use it is generally taken too much for granted. (…)

On the higher planes of life, the human being’s attention plays a particularly vital role in great artistic creations and in the discovery of mathematical and scientific truths. And, on yet higher spheres, in the spiritual and mystical world, it is possible at certain moments, through another kind of attention—a vastly more conscious one—to have a special direct knowledge of the whole at the same time.

It is essential for the seeker to understand the importance of his attention in all his spiritual struggles, both in the search for the answer to the enigma of his existence and in his process of transformation.

Edward Salim Michael   

The Law of Attention Chp 2 The Attention and its Importance

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