Jean Staune : The history of the Universe

Thus we can summarize the history of the Universe now : at the age of 10 – 43 seconds, the Universe had a diameter of 10-33 cm and a temperature of 10 32 degrees.

All the Energy that exists today in the Universe was already present in this tiny point. Since that moment nothing had been « added »
Jean Staune

Take it thus, that I am here in this world and everywhere. I support this entire universe with an infinitesimal portion of Myself. By Me, all this universe has been extended in the ineffable mystery of My being.
Bhagavad Gita (10, 42)

In the same way as water evaporates when heated, and its elements are not lost but transmuted into something finer and more rarefied, so it is with the seeker’s ordinary self after it has passed through the subtle fires of divine alchemy. There is no real loss for it in this crucible, as one may ordinarily suppose, but only transformation into something higher and more refined. Even where outer physical existence is concerned, whatever happens in this domain is nothing but a never-ending process of mysterious transmutation of one kind of life or element into another. Nothing disappears entirely in this Universe and ceases to exist. For where could it go?
The Law of attention Edward Salim Michael

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