Reincarnation and rebirth: the necessity for this return by Edward Salim Michael

“Cyclic recurrence is indispensable in the Universe for the human being to gather the necessary experience he needs to his understanding of things and especially of life itself. If there were only one day and one night in the whole Universe, after which this day and this night would disappear forever into total nothingness, one would suffer a sort of strange psychological death, making it impossible for one to comprehend what day and night are. It would—in a very particular way—not even be possible to realize that they had had any existence, let alone to try to conceive the least notion of their significance.
If there were only one life for the human being—without the hidden knowledge already in him of its possible recurrence, or at least continuity in some other form—and his existence really stopped forever after his physical death, he would spend his unique life in a state, so to speak, of curious mental obscurity as to the purpose and meaning of his sojourn on Earth, with little or no incentive in him for wanting to live and for wanting to learn anything. Moreover, when he died everything—including whatever knowledge he might have acquired during his single existence—would mysteriously die with him, vanishing forever in an invisible land of total oblivion. All the experiences he so painfully gathered in his one solitary life would have been for nothing. For there would no longer be the possibility of putting into practice the harsh lessons learned from them, both in the service of the Divine and for his own inner growth and spiritual unfolding.”

The Law of Attention chapter 26

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One Response to Reincarnation and rebirth: the necessity for this return by Edward Salim Michael

  1. Eder says:

    Une fois que l’on a pris conscience du fait que la réincarnation est un fait
    que l’âme progresse de vie en vie sans distinction de corps, corps qui n’est qu’un outil pour apprendre et communiquer.. Alors, alors il sera temps de chercher dès que possible à se libérer de la ronde incessante des morts et des renaissances en cherchant ici bas un Saint parfait ( comme Bouddha, Jesus. Kabir, G. Nanak, etc..) …. En effet, Dieu par Sa gràce infinie a toujours envoyé Un ” Fils” sur terre avec le même message gratuit à tout point de vue, pour instruire l’homme sur son dessein de revenir définitivement dans le sein de Dieu.
    La religion a toujours été créée aprés la mort d’un Saint et devient une coquille vide de rituels, de superstitions, de règles servant à contrôler ( ce qui n’est pas un mal en soi) mais qui éloigne de la complicité et de la communication possible de notre âme avec Dieu. Bénis sont les humains qui ont conscience de cela et ont rencontré ici et maintenant un Saint parfait ( identique au message du Christ dans un autre corps), le Verbe s’est fait chair encore et encore. Sa lumière éclaire le monde !

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